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Halloween Nail Trends and Designs for 2023: Get Spook-tacular!

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Halloween is just around the corner, and it's time to deck out not just your home and costumes but also your nails! From bewitching witches to cute little pumpkins, nails are a canvas that can express your Halloween spirit. Here's a round-up of the hottest nail trends and designs for Halloween 2023:

The Midnight Sky

Description: A deep navy or black base speckled with silver and gold to mimic a starry night. Add a crescent moon or a silhouette of a witch on a broomstick for an added touch.

Perfect For: Evening Halloween parties or a sophisticated take on the spooky season.

Classic Pumpkin Patch

Description: A vibrant orange base with detailed pumpkin designs. You can add faces to the pumpkins or leave them plain, and perhaps throw in a scarecrow or two.

Perfect For: Daytime events or for those who want to keep it classic and cute.

Glow-in-the-Dark Phantoms

Description: These are clear or pale-colored nails that come alive in the dark, revealing ghostly figures, ghoulish faces, or even eerie words.

Perfect For: Haunted house visits or nighttime trick-or-treating.

Bloody Splatters

Description: A white or nude base with red 'blood' splatters, giving an effect of just having escaped a horror movie scene.

Perfect For: Horror movie marathons or those wanting a grittier Halloween look.

Crystal Ball Mystique

Description: A holographic or iridescent base that shifts colors, adorned with mystical symbols like stars, moons, or tarot card symbols.

Perfect For: Fortune teller or witchy costumes.


Description: Nails with a dark base color, intricately designed with shimmering spider webs, and a silver spider charm on the accent nail.

Perfect For: Gothic-themed parties or vampire costumes.

Candy Corn Gradient

Description: A gradient effect with white, orange, and yellow, resembling the favorite Halloween candy.

Perfect For: Anyone wanting a sweet, fun, and vibrant design.

No matter which design you choose, the key is to have fun and let your nails be an extension of your Halloween spirit. So, book your appointment and get ready to spook and sparkle! Please make sure that when booking a service with design, we ask that you include a note to SPECIFY what design and how many nails in order for us to estimate the duration of your service. Failure to request for designs will result in our staff's inability to provide the service if they do not have enough time for the service. Please book at


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