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Image by Dan-Cristian Pădureț

SERVICES Inspired by your creativity. Delivered by our TEAM OF experts.

QUALITY Guaranteed.




Most popular choice - long-lasting, non-toxic and non-odor formula. Smooth and glossy for the manicured look. 

Add $5 for dip removal w/dip service

Add $10 for dip removal w/other fingernail services


Regular Dip w/Removal: $51

Add Nail Tips/Extensions: +$7

Add Manicure: +$10 (includes light massage and cuticle treatment)

Add French Design: +$10

Add Ombré Design: +$15

Add $5 Each for Shape, Longer Nail Base 



Perfect shape, length, and finish - however you like it. Sculpting perfection on every nail whether it is coffin, almond, or the classic round shape. 

New acrylic clients may require a deposit before booking. 


Acrylic Full Set: $60

Acrylic Fill Gel/Regular Polish: $50/$45

Ombré Full Set: $80

Hard (liquid) Gel Full Set: $70

Hard (liquid) Gel Fill Set: $60

Pink & White Full Set: $80

Pink & White Fill: $70/$55

Add $5 Each for Shape, Longer Extension, Longer Nail Base



Cut, file, shape, massage, and color. Professional look for professionals.

For healthy nails, choose from 5-Free Chanel and Dior Luxe Collection  or 7-Free Vinylux Collection.  

Add $5 for gel removal 

Add $10 for dip removal


Gel Manicure w/Removal: $45

Classic Manicure: (Regular Polish): $30

Classic Manicure with Vinylux/Infinite Shine Polish: $33

Spa Manicure: $45

NEW: CBD Volcano Spa Manicure: $55

Luxe Collection (Chanel or Dior): $40 (promo price)




Cut, file, shape, and color. Choose our ultra-premium Luxe colors from Chanel and Dior for pure luxury. 


Regular Polish on Fingernails/Toenails: $20/$25

Luxe Color (Chanel or Dior) on Fingernails/Toenails: $30/$35

Gel Polish on Fingernails/Toenails: $32/$38

Add $5 for Gel Removal

Add $10 for Dip Removal



All-time favorite. Relax, rejuvenate, and refresh. For the ultimate relaxation, choose our CBD Volcano Spa experience for organic and nourishing ingredients. Indulge in this luxurious treatment and experience the potential advantages of CBD for overall well-being and better sleep. All pedicures come with callus treatment at no extra charge.

Add $5 for gel removal 


Classic Pedicure: $42

Classic Pedicure with Vinylux/Infinite Shine Polish: $45

Volcano Spa Pedicure: $58

NEW: CBD Volcano Spa Pedicure: $68

Classic With Gel Color: $60 (promo price)

Spa with Gel Color: $78

Luxe Color Pedicure (Chanel/Dior): $52

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Express yourself - unique designs and the latest trends. Stay in style when the season changes. Our expert colorists can create the most intricate designs.


Nail Art: Starts @ $15 for 2 nails - must be booked in advanced 

Nail Repair: $7 per nail for salon clients only - we do not accept repairs for non-clients

Removal Only: Gel/Dip: $20, Acrylics/Hard Gel: $25

Kids 10 and Under Services (special pricing - please visit our online booking page for pricing)


We provide our clients with a one-time use, individually-wrapped,  disposable manicure/pedicure kit.


We prioritize products with non-toxic, non-odor, and organic ingredients, whenever possible, to ensure that your nails not only look great, but feel great too. We believe that your time with us should be as enjoyable as it is beneficial, and our dedication to your health and satisfaction reflects this philosophy. Come and experience the difference at Cosmo.

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